Monday, February 22, 2010

The Trees Series

I'm weaving another piece in a proposed series. I'd like to come up with a group of pieces that I'm happy enough with to photograph for show applications, which means "a body of work," the individual parts of which fit together well either in theme or in technique (hopefully both). And if they turn out to be salable, all the better! Hence the aspen images and the dogwood image.

This one is a different image of aspens photographed in the mountains behind Provo, Utah, shot by DH. The photo was made the same day as the other aspens, but it's a a very different composition.

And here it is on the loom, interpreted as 7 shades of grey and 2 shades of green.

And in close-up, where you can see the initials carved into the front-most tree.

I'm really enjoying the way the weaving captures the image, but is nowhere near photographic precision. The process of filling with weaves tends to obscure a lot of detail while still preserving the spirit of the original. I like this!

Next up, I'll be working on a wonderful image that Benita, one of the readers of this blog, kindly gave me permission to "borrow" from her blog. It's the first image appearing in that post, and I'm hoping to do it justice as a weaving. You'll see more as the piece progresses.


Laura said...

Lovely. Just lovely. :)

Connie Rose said...

Photo realism at its best, Sandra!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

I love the way the dogwood came out, it's gorgeous!