Monday, July 19, 2010

Complex Weavers

The 2-day drive to Albuquerque was great fun. We talked the whole way, the scenery was spectacular, and the accommodations in Kingman, Arizona, came with a very interesting jacquard upholstered chair. I'm sorry this is the only visual I've got for  you, but the camera has been doing its best to hide at the bottom of the carryall.

It looks like a 3-color weft-backed satin with white swirls and almost imperceptible grey swirls on a green ground. 

Marguerite and I arrived in ABQ on Saturday evening, just in time to join some friends for dinner.

On Sunday, four of us drove up through Santa Fe, Espanola, Chimayo, and Taos to see some fiber sites. It was absolutely gorgeous countryside, very dramatic with looming rain clouds, and even some lightning. Someday I'd love to come back in Spring or Fall when the weather's cooler (100+F is too hot for me!) and do more exploring.

As I write, we've just finished the first morning of CW activities Tonight's the Fashion Show, always a lot of fun, and I'll try to take photos of some of the entries. More to follow as the week progresses.

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Annette D. Robitaille said...

Thank you Sandra
I am following you to ABQ......
Annette D. Robitaille
Ile d'Orleans, Quebec