Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Fire Scarf Finished

Just in time, too, before tomorrow's departure (by car) for Albuquerque and the Complex Weavers Seminars, which begin on Sunday.

No time for a beauty shot, what with packing and other preparations, but here's the scarf draped over a dining room chair:

And in glorious closeup:

Conveniently, it coordinates perfectly with a new rust-orange top from JJill...

If you're at CW, you'll be able to see it in person at the fashion show. If not, come to the ACC show in San Francisco on the weekend of August 13-15, and it might still be in inventory.

I will have a camera with me on this trip, and will post when possible during CW and/or Convergence.


Connie Rose said...

Oh Sandra, this is SO into doing trades these days?...a quilt for a scarf?

neki desu said...

we are going to be the belle of those conferences in that scarf. have loads of fun and take loads of photos!

Benita said...

Wow! The life in those colors as they play together are amazing. You are a genius!

Annette D. Robitaille said...

Chère Sandra
Bravo, ce foulard est magnifique !
Thank you to allow me to assist a little of convergence via your blog. As you probably remember, I am on Ile d'Orleans, Quebec, a little to far for me to assist, but
I will be following you with great interest. I am also anxious to hear about your new modules on the JACquard loom after Convergence when you come back. I am always interested in getting one !!!!!

Annette D. Robitaille said...

C'est encore moi !
Sorry I wrote Convergence instead of Complex Weavers Seminars in Albuquerque. It is sometime a good thing that my computer has in OWN memory !
A bientot

Bonnie said...

What a beauty!