Thursday, August 26, 2010


... is what we'll be for a few days. We're off tomorrow to a fishing lodge on the north end of Queen Charlotte Island, in British Columbia, where rumor has it that the salmon are running, but the cell phone network and the internet are not. So the blog is on hiatus until sometime next week after we return home.

I'm not sure how DH will react to being totally offline. Not his favorite condition. At all.

In the meantime. the newlyweds are on their way under the loom toward the cloth storage beam, so I can get a shot at more than just small snippets at a time:

This piece was woven with a little vertical "stretch," under the assumption that because the warp is cotton and the weft tencel, there will be relatively more shrinkage vertically than horizontally during laundering, tumble-drying, and pressing. I like the way it wove up, and hope the happy couple like it too.

The piece I wove most recently on this warp, on the other hand, will need a trip through a dyebath to counteract a less-than-ideal choice of yarn colors. It needs a dye that will darken the lightest weft color, tone down the brightest weft color, and unify the whole image. Once I get home I'll post some before-and-after pictures to illustrate this.

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Laura said...

Remember all thos maps that had "here be dragons" along the edges? Well, that's where you'll be going. :D At least you'll be well west of the wildfires. I'd say to come east about 400 miles for a visit, but that isn't really recommended right now. :(

Enjoy your trip,