Thursday, September 02, 2010

Back in the Land of Connectedness

Warning: no fiber content, unless you count the fishing apparel!

We arrived back home late afternoon yesterday, after flying from Vancouver BC to San Francisco, and then driving home (4 hours) from there.

A few images will give you the flavor of the trip. Each day after breakfast at the lodge, we'd be driven to a storage locker where we donned survival suits consisting of heavily insulated overalls and equally insulated jackets that incorporated a water-activated lifejacket inside. Plus heavy rubber boots. The water temperature is about 51F (10.5C) so you want all the help you can get if you fall in. I felt like a small child in a snowsuit - it was difficult to move in this outfit! If you've ever watched "Deadliest Catch" on TV, this is a slightly less serious version of the gear that the Alaska crab fishermen wear.

Then we drove a short distance to the very colorful harbor in Old Masset, where we boarded fishing boats - 3 guests and 1 guide per boat.

The weather was in the 50-55F range, with some sun the first day, mostly clouds and showers the other days. A lot of time was spent with a view like this:

Because, of course, the King salmon (aka Chinook or Spring) don't hang out in the same places as the Coho salmon (aka Silver), which likewise prefer a different area than the halibut. Those were our primary target, although some fishermen also caught rockfish (red snapper and similar varieties) or sole.

The scenery was spectacular. Usually (depending on showers or fog) we were in sight of land - the north coast of Graham Island, the northernmost of the Queen Charlotte Islands. This is Tow Hill, east of Old Masset. The lodge was about halfway between Masset and Tow Hill.

And yes, there were fish. I'll bore you with pictures of those tomorrow.

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neki desu said...

gorgeous outfit :)
i think you'd like asturias ans their salmon fishing.