Friday, September 03, 2010

I Wish a Fish, I Wish a Fish!

That was the mantra on our boat. DH's first halibut:

And the last day's salmon catch (short 2 fish that were still being offloaded from the boat). These weren't all mine (the limit is 4 salmon per person per day), but rather the catch for all 3 people fishing on the boat.

Most of them are Coho salmon; the one with its back to the camera is a King salmon - a juvenile, so it's about the same size as the Coho. The Kings that are spawning age are much bigger. The largest fish caught by a member of our party was 43 pounds; the local record is over 70 pounds. The first two days' catch were filleted, vacuum-packed, and flash frozen, then packed in a foam box inside a cardboard carton.

The last day's catch was cleaned and packed fresh in a separate carton with lots of ice-packs.

When we got back home, the frozen fish went straight into the freezer, then DH began the huge task of breaking down the whole fresh fish into steaks and fillets, and packaging them into meal-size portions for the freezer.

We saved out one big Coho salmon steak for dinner last night. Yum!


Connie Rose said...

Wow, Sandra! I'm impressed! Too bad I'm allergic to salmon, and have been for 12 years. Bummer, indeed.

neki desu said...

husband looks like a very happy camper. salmon soup yummm!