Monday, November 22, 2010

Small Treasures

I came home from the Designing Weavers show and sale having sold no wall pieces and just one scarf (that's all!?), but armed with some treasures I bought from my fellow weavers. Some will be Christmas gifts. Actually, they all will be gifts, it's just that one is for me :-)

This 4-inch-tall knotted silk vessel by Michael Rohde is for my sister, who is a basketmaker:

It's actually cylindrical, but the camera angle makes it look tapered. The silk yarn is hand-dyed, and the color transitions are wonderful.

And a wonderful small wedge-weave piece in wool and silk, also by Michael, which will grace my home.

I love the story of how this series of small pieces came to be. Michael was in China traveling the silk road by bus. He had brought a small tapestry loom and scraps of left-over yarn, so he'd have something to do on the long, dusty bus ride. He has funny stories of interactions with other bus riders who were fascinated with what he was doing...

Several nieces and sisters-in-law will receive fiber jewelry by Rebecca Smith, and my mother-in-law will get a delicate knitted and beaded scarf by Laura Lawrence.

I'm making good progress on the shopping list!


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way to go buy handmade!