Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lashed On

My heavens! Is it December already? Time does fly, although some tasks in the studio don't seem to keep up the pace.

The towel warp is lashed on and ready to weave. I've been interspersing cone-winding and sleying and other background tasks, to spare the winder and to keep from getting too bored with any one activity.

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bettes said...

Hi Sandra,

You are busy, busy. It all looks great. I think you have probably heard the buzz by now...Complex Weavers is to be in DC in 2012. I am hoping that you might be willing to submit a proposal to teach? I know that you have lots to share.
Meanwhile, I do have a question for you from your pictures.
How do you suspend your crocodile clips that you are using as a temple; which 'automatic' temple are you using and why the rubber bands?