Monday, December 27, 2010


In a comment on an earlier post, Bettes asked about the temple rollers on the jacquard loom, and the clamp temples on the 24-shaft loom.

Way back in 2007, I posted about the clamp temple setup here. The photos are also posted somewhere in the WeaveTech photo archive, I think - probably the "Equipment" folder. I don't claim to have invented these - Bill Koepp gets the credit for mentioning them on WeaveTech. I liked the idea so much that I immediately implemented it on my loom.

The temple rollers on the jacquard are the AVL product. However, unlike the almost identical ones that Fireside Looms sells, these didn't come with protective covers. After gashing my hand on the temple's spines in an attempt to retrieve an errant shuttle, I realized I really needed covers. Bloodshed always speeds up the learning process! The improvised "fix" is described in a post from late December 2009 here. I added the figure-of-eight rubberbands because the covers tended to slip off if I brushed my forearm against them inadvertently.

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