Saturday, March 26, 2011

Coffee, Black or With Cream

Back to work, with no cute furry distractions wandering in from next door.

All the silk sections are beamed. This is what was left from the 4 cones of silk. Looks like I rounded up the yardage numbers just enough!

At the point this picture was taken, I had just begun to go back and wind & beam the sections of shrinky yarn.

The silk sections are 30/2 dyed in the Lanaset "nut brown" dye, which gives a color similar to dark chocolate or black coffee in the deepest shades.

The shrinky sections are the late lamented merino/elite from Textura Trading. I have a few colors left; this one is sort of a tweedy cafe-au-lait color.

In case you're wondering, I gave my friend a choice between these chocolate/coffee hues, and the rust colors that were dyed with wood dyes then ikat-tied and overdyed back in early February. She preferred these, so that's what's going on the loom first. When this warp is done (it's only 3 scarves...) I'll beam the more adventuresome wood-dye warp.

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