Friday, March 25, 2011

Tied On

Today's main task was to tie the dowel (which I inserted in the warp on the jacquard loom before cutting off the piece I had woven) back onto the front apron rod.

After I finished lacing the dowel to the rod, I wove an inch of plain weave and some satin, just to be sure everything was behaving. There were the usual few glitches - mostly threads at too loose a tension - that were easy to resolve, and now the warp is ready to begin weaving wall pieces again.

The next task was to begin beaming the warp for the brown faux-seersucker scarf for my friend, and I managed to complete only two sections out of 12. A sweet, friendly little grey and white cat showed up on the doorstep and managed to distract everyone in the household (including Tim and Gracie, who put on a good show of hissing and growling from safely indoors) until we finally discovered that he's not a stray who needs a lift to the animal shelter, he's a new member of the household next door who just doesn't know where "home" is yet. I hope they know to keep Smokey indoors for at least a week until "home" is ingrained in his consciousness.

Smokey made himself comfortable on my studio doormat for quite a while, long enough for me to get his photo through the glass door (in case I needed to post a "stray cat found - is he yours?" notice in the neighborhood).

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Connie Rose said...

What a beautiful kitty! Hope his family keeps him in as much as possible.