Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Day Trip

Sunday is the day that all entries are to be delivered (by hand) to the Olive Hyde Art Gallery in Fremont, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In my application, I submitted entries for 6 pieces. In the curator's response (as well as all followup documentation such as artists' contract, etc.) she says she wants "all 7 pieces." So I'm taking her at her word, and bringing 7 pieces. It's in the contract... :-)

It'll be a long day - 3 hours each way - in rain-drenched weather, but I plan to take it easy and carefully. By Monday, maybe I'll be able to dredge up some visuals for the next post.

My next deadline is Wednesday, when I'll drive the other direction to Los Angeles for a Designing Weavers meeting, at which I'm scheduled to present my work for the annual project. At the September meeting, we decide on a theme. Every member creates a work that expresses that theme and presents it to the group at one of the Spring meetings. This year's theme is "Seeing Red." You might have wondered why I've been weaving so many flower images in scarlet and/or fuchsia... Well, wonder no more. I've picked out a selection of those pieces to be my expression of the theme. There's still hemming to be done, and hanging rods to be made, but I'll have 2 days. No problem.

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