Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and the Beautiful

The good (news) is that the recipient of Cocoa Puffs was delighted. The bad is that HGA didn't accept either of my entries for the Small Expressions exhibit. So I will be posting them on my sale blog as soon as I finish typing this post.

After delivering Cocoa Puffs to her new owner at a dinner party yesterday, we stayed overnight and drove up to Fremont to the Olive Hyde Art Gallery today. I wanted to see the Textile Exhibition and because I missed the grand opening on April 1, and Cocoa Puffs moved to a home relatively near (meaning closer than my home) to the gallery, it was a convenient side trip.

It was a very interesting exhibit; there were quite a few pieces I really loved. One was this beautiful handcast paper [sculpture?] [hanging?]:

Hey, Connie, check out the beading in the darkest areas of the image; it really added a lot to the impact of the image! The piece could have been rust-dyed, could have been fabric painted, I don't know for sure and the catalog isn't helpful; in any case, I loved this piece (almost as much as I love Connie's work).

My pieces were interspersed with the larger works of an art quilter (if indeed that's the right phrase to describe her work). She's a painter by training, and the picture is composed of tiny 1/4-inch-square pieces of cloth arranged on a background, then covered with a layer of fine mesh, then quilted over top of the whole thing. Much more visually reminiscent of painting with acrylics or oils than with fiber, but it was all cloth. Very beautiful work. And her theme of trees blended nicely with mine :-)


Connie Rose said...

Thank you dear Sandra!

neki desu said...

interesting work, love the beads too.