Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Satin Stripe Drafts

This is the draft I've used for scarf #1 and #2. I want scarf #3 to be different, somehow, because this is becoming way too boring to weave. Let's see, at 60 picks per inch times 80 inches (which finishes at 72 inches), that's 4,800 picks, give or take. Lots, anyway. So I need the cloth to do something to keep me interested.

I've been tinkering with the original draft:

Shafts 1-10 are weaving a 10-end crepe. Shafts 11-15 weave the variegated green on the top layer, and shafts 16-20 weave the variegated dark blue on the bottom layer. Shafts 21 and 22 are weaving an abbreviated basket (half-basket?) selvedge.

In order to bring the blue layer to the top periodically, all that's required is to "wrap" the liftplan area containing shafts 11-20 5 columns to the right. Or so I thought. Ooops. My first attempt made an ugly transition at the transition in the lengthwise direction. It was okay in the horizontal direction, but that's not the concern. Back to the drawing board - or rather, to Photoshop where it's easier to manipulate pixels. After some nudging in various directions, I now have a draft that swaps the two satin layers at intervals, and makes a clean cut at the transition.

I haven't decided how long the interval between layer swaps should be. Perhaps it will vary - I could have short intervals at one end of the scarf, increasing to long intervals at the other end. Or start small, grow in the middle, and shrink again at the other end. Both approaches would require me to exercise my arithmetic skills to make it all come out even. Both would be more interesting to weave than a regular interval throughout. Decisions, decisions. However, I still have quite a lot more to weave on scarf #2, so there's time to ponder.

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