Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tied On

For a few days, both looms were inactive. I had cut off the first scarf on the warp on the dobby loom, so I could send it in to the JOY of Weaving exhibit. I had cut off a batch of several pieces from the jacquard loom, so I could give the chicken to its new owner.

Today, both looms are in that euphoric state: just tied on, fresh and full of promise.

Here's the jacquard loom:

And the dobby loom:

I've now woven the first couple of feet of the next scarf on the dobby warp. Stripes of 10-end crepe in 120/2 silk and stripes of double-faced 5-end satin in 60/2 silk. This one will be just like the first. For the next one, I'm working out details that will turn the double-faced satin stripes from one color to the other at intervals. Stay turned.

1 comment:

neki desu said...

such suspense!
now that's a beauty shot!the jacq looks awesome.