Saturday, March 10, 2012

A New Design

I'm working on an image from the ballet - an anonymous dancer's feet en pointe in light pink ballet slippers. Here's the image, indexed to 14 hues (some values of pink, some of brown, and some of ivory:

Some of the dyework is already done. Here's the pink yarn, along with some spools of glittery thread that I may use to add sparkle to the shoes:

I'll blend the pink with ivory (the undyed version of the yarn) to make the lightest pink hues. Wherever the pink is on the surface, I'll add some sparkle. The two little spools on the left are Sulky metallic, and the two on the right are Sulky holographic thread, which adds sparkles of gold and green along with the pink. I suspect I'll need to sample both to see which effect I like. the thread on the left is very, very fine, and almost disappears when I make a wrapping of it carried with the pink yarn on the cone. OTOH, the holographic thread is thicker - a flat strand that is much more obvious in a wrapping with the coned yarn. We'll have to wait and see.

The brown yarn for the wood floor is in progress; I wasn't happy with the first attempt so it's being overdyed to get a better brown.


Jacquie Reith said...

Love your new project.

neki desu said...

a bit behind reading.
so we're losing a monet due to an eye operation? husband san says the colors haven?t changed, but the fuzziness went away.
the point slippers speak volumes to me and i'm not a pink person ;)