Friday, March 09, 2012


The untidy pile has been converted to a tidy one. The weavings have been cut apart, and their ends stitched to reduce fraying in the washing machine. Tomorrow, I'll do any mending that is needed, and send them on a trip through the washer and dryer.

I didn't start that part today, because the eye drops used by the ophthalmologist to dilate the pupils hadn't worn off and although I felt competent to run the sewing machine along a straight line, mending with needle and thread was well beyond my capabilities.

Good news: no new glasses on the agenda, the current prescription is fine.

Bad news: cataract surgery is on the agenda, probably 6 months from now. The left eye is worst, but both need the surgery.

I just had a horrid thought - everyone I know who has had cataract surgery says their perception of color improved dramatically afterward. My sister said "I didn't know how much color vision I'd lost until I got it back again!" My mother-in-law accused her husband of going out and buying a new HD television while she was in the hospital. So I'm wondering [dreading] the notion that a declining color sense has led me to make some ghastly color choices when selecting weft yarn colors. Oh well, nothing to be done about that now!


Laura Fry said...

I don't think you've made any ghastly mistakes but expect that once you've had the surgery colour choices will be easier. :)


Jacquie Reith said...

20 years later, a sweater I gave my older daughter for the Christmas before my cataract surgeries is still a family joke.

From what I've seen of your work online, you don't have anything to worry about but you may enjoy it all even more.


Sandra Rude said...

Thank you both for the reassurance. Jacquie - I hope if it was a handknit sweater, your daughter wears it anyway!

Cally said...

The colours are looking good from here!