Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Current Towel, and Convergence Purchases

The current towel, which I posted about here, is now woven. Here's a shot of the cloth on the loom. I hope you can see why I said the draft didn't really tell the whole story.

Vertical stripes, yes, but a lot of stuff going on in those stripes. I can't wait to see how it looks after wet finishing!

My shopping at Convergence was minimal. I bought one 3000-yard skein of multicolor 30/2 Tencel in brown, beige, charcoal, and purple from the colour geniuses at Just Our Yarn, which will become part of a 2-color warp, and some cones of shaded silk for weft from Giovanna Imperia.

I'll dye a solid beige or light brown Tencel to go with the multicolor skein in a 2-color interleaved warp, and Giovanna's yarn will blend wonderfully with them. Her yarn is composed of strands of tram silk in different values of similar hues twisted lightly together, which from past experience I know will add a lot of visual depth to the finished cloth.

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neki desu said...

great pieces those of convergence.
love giovanna impera's yarns!