Friday, June 28, 2013

Heat Wave

The entire West is suffering with a massive high pressure system and resulting heat wave. We've already exceeded the predicted high of  96(F)/35.5(C) - it's 102/38.8 at 11:15 a.m. Nearby areas that are a bit farther from the coast will reach 112/44.4. The humidity is over 35%, very high for this area - normally the summer humidity is in the 12-15% range, with single-digit humidity only when the winds blow from inland to ocean (the so-called Santa Ana winds).

We're about midway between Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo on the map. We're fortunate that the house is well-insulated and we rarely have to turn on the air-conditioning. Only my studio on the second floor needs an occasional bit of assistive cooling.

If you're in the West, stay cool! If you're farther East, just wait, it'll reach you soon enough!


Connie Rose said...

We're having our version of a heat wave up in Humboldt, too. Been in the mid to high 70s or possibly even low 80s this week. That's REALLY for Fortuna, which is coastal. Inland just a few miles it regularly gets into the low 100s this time of year -- but thank god I don't live there any more.
Anyway, I've had my fans on high all day, every day since middle of the week.
Have a good weekend!

Connie Rose said...

REALLY hot, I meant to say

Laura Fry said...

Yikes, 112? Wow. Prediction here is for 30C for Canada Day. Hope people remember to put on their sunscreen! Me? I'll be in my basement studio with the a/c running. :^)