Saturday, September 07, 2013

One Last, Long Look, then Home

It was difficult to leave the lake. It's so peaceful and quiet there, I lose track of what day it is, and just follow the daily sunrise-to-sunset routine. However, finally it came time to take one last look and head for home.

We managed to complete the long drive home in two very long days. Then, of course, the first task was unpacking and doing laundry!

I'm finally back in the studio. As it turned out, I didn't have enough yardage of any yarn appropriate for the pink-to-red hues in the ranunculus image shown here, so out came the dyepots. The yarns for that image are drying as I write, and another image (a bromiliad that I photographed in a garden in Costa Rica) has begun on the jacquard loom.

Here's the original design file, with color chips. I decided to make the palest of the reds a blend of red and gold (which gives a visual impression of orange), and the border is a blend of green and gold.

Here it is on the loom, looking more muted than it is in real life:

I'll show more pictures as the image progresses. It's hot and dry here, so the newly dyed yarns for the ranunculus will be ready to wind onto cones tomorrow, and ready for weaving as soon as the bromiliad is woven.

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neki desu said...

bet it feels good to be back to weaving and dyeing