Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The runners have been cut off the loom, and went from an unruly heap on the ironing board to the sewing machine, where they were stay-stitched to prevent fraying, and thence to the washer and drier. They have now been pressed, but not yet hemmed.

Here's the unruly heap:

I'll post again with formal protraits once they're really finished.

While waiting for the washer and drier, I began winding the tea towel warp, and by dinnertime had only 4 or 5 sections left to wind. I should be able to finish beaming tomorrow, and start threading. It'll be a snap, threading and sleying a straight draw, compared to the complex threading of the runners. Like a mini holiday...

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Laura Fry said...

You surely haven't let your surgery slow you down much!