Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back at the Loom (Finally!!)

Yesterday was a very good day. I wove for a couple of hours on the towel warp, and completed towel #1 (shown here) and its hem, the began the hem for towel #2 and the towel itself. This one uses the first draft shown here, and is woven with the same blue weft as towel #1.

Click to enlarge; you can see the woven-in cut line between the two hems. The draft creates an overall tweedy effect.

It'll be interesting to see how the texture develops during wet finishing, but I won't see that for a while - this is only #2 out of a probable total of 16, after all. It feels really good to weave again!


Margreet said...

Sandra, glad to read that you are back at the loom again. Hope you are feeling a lot better!

Laura Fry said...

A little weaving therapy :)

Alice said...

Repper for crepes -- good idea! This will be an interesting series. It must feel good to be weaving again.

neki desu said...

good to hear you're back!me on the other hand ahd a good day with donsus and kinrans ;)